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Recession Summer Vacation


Several aesthetics defined my childhood (2000 - 2017). They've all got names, but I've decided to slam them all here in an umbrella aesthetic I call Recession Summer Vacation. It's defined by a nostalgia for a time where you got to ignore all the bad things happening in the world because you were eight years old as your parents were dealing with the effects of 2008. It involves aquatic themes, anime characters, floating aurora and CGI that only tried to be realistic with really cool wallpapers.

I'll sort them all into different categories as I find them. (Last Update: 11 January 2024)

Frutiger Aero

Frutiger Aero is an aesthetic style and movement characterized by an aquatic theme, floating lines and objects, and technology at the center of it all. There is an argument to be made of liminal spaces, seeing as how Frutiger Aero is an aesthetic based on advertising. It was mostly used in advertising in its heyday of the 2000s, but there exists a modern movement to revive the aesthetic in web revival circles. For further information on the history of Frutiger Aero, I recommend the Aesthetics Wiki.

This shrine seeks to catalogue the modern movement, which tends to focus on the aquatic aspect and ideas of freedom. There will be graphics, playlists, HTML themes, and more. This aesthetic is difficult to define, sort of a "you know it when you see it" or a self-identification situation. The people who were born during Frutiger Aero's heyday are coming of age, and are now able to feel a nostalgia for the aesthetic of their childhoods.


Playlists that have a Frutiger Aero aesthetic tend to have video game staples of the time, such as soundtracks of games made for the Wii and Gamecube; but they also include genres like breakcore and jungle. These give the listener a sense of floating or movement, similar to vaporwave, with a focus on forward momentum instead of dreamlike nostalgia.

a future that couldn't be | ☆an ethereal frutiger aero playlist☆ - emobunny

Tracklist nuphory - Startup Song

Passing Currents - 1992

Takeshi Abo - LEASE

Thrilliam Angels - Anams Song

Otik - Crystal Clear

Dreamweaver - future perfect

tomcbumpz - braincells


Torus - Radiate 540

Naked Flames - Pan Matsuri

UNIT KAI - mawaru

Purelink - Earth To

⋆。°✩hopeful memories✩°。⋆| a frutiger aero playlist | 2000s nostalgia - emobunny
Tracklist In Love With a Ghost - ilya

Rachika Nayar - hawthorn

Alton Towers - Air Theme Tune

Google Stock Alarm - Aquamarine Gems

Motorola Ringtone - Momentum (emobun Felt Mix)

Spore OST - Colour a Cell

Solar Fields - Patterns

Bugdom OST - Pond

Ever 17 The Out of Infinity OST - Hologramm


Kanon Arrange - Pure Snows

Rachika Nayar - forgiveness

Nintendo 3DS Music - Photo Select

nuphory - nautilus

Tomoyo After OST - Dear Old Home

Nexcyia - SPEDUP

Xbox 360 Avatar Music

。°♡think different♡°。 | a frutiger aero playlist - emobunny
Tracklist Dreamweaver - splash

June 2011 - Nintendo 3DS eShop Music

Samsung Ringtone - One Step Forward (Original Remix)

yandere - timeless

Solar Fields - Introduction (Mirror's Edge Menu Theme)

Wii Menu Music

Dreamweaver - blue sun (feat. Lunafreya)

Samsung Ringtone - Crossing a River (Original Remix)

EERA - Would You Remember Me If Tomorrow I Was Gone

Endless Ocean - Blue World - Nineball Island (Day)

Wii Photo Channel Music - Scenic

Merely; Cotton Mouth - Tangerine Skies (Cotton Mouth Mix)

Windows XP Installation Music

Ever 17 - The Out of Infinity [OST] - Karussell Delphine

𝐝𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐰𝐢𝐢 𝐞𝐫𝐚 𝐟𝐫𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐠𝐞𝐫 𝐚𝐞𝐫𝐨 - neo
Tracklist Disc Channel - Wii Fit Plus Soundtrack

Editing a Mii (Mii Maker) - Nintendo Wii U

Body Measurement Theme - Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus Soundtrack

Wii/Switch (Origins unclear) - Unused eShop Theme

Nintendo DSi Menu - Nintendo DSi Music

January 2015 - Nintendo eShop Music

Curator's Office - Chibi-Robo: Photo Finder Music

Photo Channel - SD Card Photo List

News Channel - Main Theme

Tilt City - Wii Fit Plus Soundtrack

Wii News Channel - 'Tip cat' Music

September 2015 - Nintendo eShop Music

Pikmin 3 – Day Select

Weather Channel Music

Everybody Votes Channel - Voter Data

Main Menu - Mario Kart Wii

Everybody Votes Channel - Voter Data

Menu 7 (eShop) - Nintendo Wii U

Wii Menu Music

System Settings (TV) - Nintendo Wii U

June 2011 (3DS) - Nintendo eShop Music

Lobby (TV) (Wii U Chat) - Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo DSi Camera (Album: Heart Sticker) - Nintendo DSi Music

The Homebrew Channel Music

Wi Fi Menu - Mario Kart Wii

Pikmin 3 – Garden of Hope (Morning)

Pikmin 3 – S.S. Drake

Global Forecast (Night) OST | Forecast Channel (Nintendo Wii)

Wii Fit Music - Credits

Pikmin 3 – Today's Report

Go Fetch, Sous-Chef - Chibi-Robo! Let's Go, Photo!

Parental Controls (TV) - Nintendo Wii U

Pikmin - The Forest of Hope

Wii Music - Rate Your Vid

Nintendo 3DS eShop Loading Theme

Pikmin - People Who Helped

Loading (Miiverse) - Nintendo Wii U

3DS System Music - Theme Shop

Amiibo Settings - Nintendo Wii U

Photo Channel - Channel Intro

BP Night Sky

Iridescence, rainbows, and liquid textures. That's the aesthetic of BP Night Sky, a sort of pastel rainbow. The name for this comes from me. I remember the BP oil spill in 2010, and oil is iridescent in the sun, so...
This aesthetic mostly showed up in clothing with iridescent plastic. Also at the time was a rise in clear or mesh backpacks due to the rising school shootings in the USA. We won't get rid of the guns, so we'll make the clear backpacks as pretty as possible.


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