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I'm Ian, or HOM if you so prefer. I'm 23, he/him, a weird shark cow (not cow shark) born and raised in the US South. I've been drawing since I was a kid, and joined the NSFW scene at age 18. I'm known for my characters, in particular Ian, Henry, and Lance. (Ian's asleep over on the right.) I chose HungryOnMain because the phrase "horny on main" had just entered parlance, and I thought it would be funny to give a term to "accidentally posted belly kink to main".

I did a lot of drawing from 2018 to 2022. My visual art stuff has waned in recent months (i'm on that master's degree grind) but I've been writing like CRAZY. A lot of research papers, but also a lot of fanfiction.

Speaking of research papers, I'm an art historian! My minor is in Film, and I'm currently getting my master's in Museum Studies. My area of expertise is queer art, contemporary art, and metamodernism. I mostly write with queer and Marxist theory!

I'm also a voice actor! I mostly read fanfiction and voice fanart related to Night at the Museum. I also run The NatM Search! Please talk to me about NATM. I'm so normal about Owen Wilson. I also-also coined the 18+ tag for the fandom, Evening at the Archive.

I'm happily engaged to @bfuggus! He's a cutie patootie and you should tell him that.

Sometimes I refer to myself in the plural first person/royal "we". This is because it's fun. Also, I have a bunch of characters and sometimes the page is meant to be them talking, and they're part of a workforce. Don't worry about us! Just have fun!

Thanks for checking out my site, and feel free to e-mail me if you want:

Things I like, in no particular order. They may be made into shrines one day! :D
Last Updated: 13 June 2024

  • Movies: Night at the Museum, Dante's Inferno (2007), It's Such a Beautiful Day
  • TV: The Secret Saturdays, Total Drama, Growing Up Creepie
  • Books: The Divine Comedy, The Song of Achilles, The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Food: Macaroni and cheese, Cheese pizza, Quesadillas when my boyfriend cooks them
  • Drinks: Sweet tea, red Gatorade, Raspberry Peace Tea, Raspberry lemondade
  • Candy and Snacks: Blue raspberry Sour Straws, Sour Patch Watermelon, Reese's

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