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an emoji i drew for my discord.

my pride 2023 piece.

i saw this sign on a machine and found it hilarious.

a comic i drew to get the emotions out of me.

Kink Art

animated this in march 2023.

drew this in july 2023 for my friend lazah.

a trade with my friend BM17 in september 2021.

drew this as an apology in 2021 for missing vore day.

some cv from 2021.

i wanted to get some boba tea and i drew this after i got my favorite order. the place i went to closed down in 2023, i'll miss it forever.

i use this to tease my friends.

he ful

a gift for BlastRiot.

a commission ordered by BellyPudgeBelly.

i wanna put the soda hose at bars in my mouth.

ian demonstrates why that is a bad idea.

first piece of 2022. year of the dilf pit.

last piece of 2021.

haha butt

a commission ordered by BellyPudgeBelly.

pregtober 2022 piece.

big booty thursday was something i did to keep myself entertained in september 2022 while helping my parents move.

teasing my friend VampyAcid.

a trade with a friend.

my favorite tummy trope.

Commissions, Trades, Gifts, and Requests

Alonelysoul64. 18 May 2022. Commission.

mouse_musubi. 8 February 2022. Commission.

anarcho_slurpie. 2021. Request.

Growl. 2021. Commission.

st0pcl0ck. 20 June 2021. Commission.

Lazah. 22 August 2023. Request.

BM17. 2021-2022. Gift.

BM17. 2022. Gift.

anarcho_slurpie. 2021. Gift.

DustyPumpkin. 2021. Gift.

Lazah. 22 August 2023. Gift.

AlluringApex. 30 October 2022. Gift.

pseudovorse. 8 August 2021. Gift.

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