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an emoji i drew for my discord.

i saw this outfit in a dream. referenced from a pose by Jaydon Jensen.

those tricolor popsicles are never consistent with their flavors.

Kink Art

the first art i ever made of lance, march 2021.

featuring AlluringApex's Tilia.

used a pose from Dani DeMuse as reference.

burp alt.


dildo alt

no nut november 2021 piece.

i can have some hypno as a treat.

Commissions, Trades, Gifts, and Requests

anarcho_slurpie. 22 April 2022. Request.

anarcho_slurpie. 23 June 2022. Commission.

Lazah. 24 August 2023. Request.

GingerSnaps. June 2021. Commission.

GingerSnaps. 9 September 2023. Commission.

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