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I'm HOM! I'm a voice actor, writer, artist, silly man, and dill pickle enjoyer. I'm an art historian who plans to curate my own museum. This is my little corner of the net where I can post things I like, hoard silly graphics, and talk about the art I make and enjoy. Stay a while, and watch the teeth!

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✰2 June 2024: quitting my job for a new one; feel guilty for some reason. i wish i didn't. i like my coworkers and want them to be my friends. i guess now that we're no longer coworkers, we can be?

✰25 May 2024: the marquee element has been depricated. now i gotta update or remove my marquees. :c maybe this is a chance to completely overhaul my about page?

✰21 May 2024: things are going weirdly ok. gonna pay rent soon, bleh. boyf is in california for reasons. i'm truckin' along but i wanna hold him. he'll be back soon, but i still wanna hold him.

✰15 May 2024: finished the song of achilles. having a normal one. sobbing on the floor. i already read the iliad so i knew what was gonna happen but the writing was spellbinding. it good please read. it has gay sex and gay anguish, my two favorite genders.

✰13 May 2024: read human domestication guide and had intense flashbacks to my own childhood and my lack of autonomy. i completely understand how people enjoy the setting and wish everyone involved the best in creating their horny pet play reality. unfortunately it made me throw up from the ptsd

✰4 May 2024: Apartment secured, calling stupid and dumb utilities. Got buggo with me rn, watching Dungeon Meshi. Craving omelettes... hopefully we'll be able to afford eggs soon and make some.

✰25 April 2024: screenplay is done. thesis is presented. i have hope again. finals really is like melting into paste isn't it.

✰5 April 2024: thesis is done, presenting in a few weeks. screenplay coming along well. things are looking up.

✰8 March 2024: two interviews tomorrow. may have a job again. i think i'm gonna be ok.

✰19 February 2024: got a real estate agent on call so my fiance and i can find a place together. doing slightly better. unemployment went through and things are looking up.

✰28 January 2024: just found out that went down. that site was influential to me as young anime fan. i was a chibi seme. rip semeuke, here's the link.

✰26 January 2024: had an interview recently, hopefully i get the job. unemployment status unknown. also applying to temp agencies. hope i'll have enough to eat.

✰11 January 2024: semester has started again. running out of money. still seeking a job. i'm almost praying again in my desperation.

✰8 January 2024: lots of new pages. semester starts today. got a new roommate, idk my feelings yet. making zines, hopefully selling them at a concert or rave soon.

✰2 January 2024: doing my best to infest my friends and enemies with "make webbed site" propaganda. considering making a big list of explicit personal sites i love to death. it's all CYOAs and maybe a few artists being totally awesome. i doubt you wanna wade thru that shit tho so i may as well. it's on the to-do list now. also made some zines, yay. gonna scan + upload them hopefully soon

✰29 December 2023: new year new layout babey. looking forward to the new year. hungry as hell rn tho

✰21 December 2023: yeah it was finals lmao. i'm better-ish now? hanging with family for holidays. making a new shrine yay

✰4 December 2023: entering a worse period. still applying to internships and jobs. so sick of retail. i want to be happy. anime weekend was tons of fun and i got to see my fiance. i miss him. currently working on getting someone to cover a shift so i can go home for the holidays. unless i hear back from a job, then i'll just quit and they can hire someone for cheaper. fuck 'em. anyway babybel has a gouda line and it's pretty good.

✰3 October 2023: it's been a rough couple of weeks. i'm so, so tired. AWA is later this month. i miss my fiance. someone brought a dead bird in a jar to the queer center on campus and my friend and i found its species. it was protected by the mbta so the person that brought it went to go dump it back in nature. it was a pretty thing, though.
✰25 September 2023: threw my back out, uni dorm chairs SUCK. left my cane at work too so i can't even walk with support. got a test in 30 mins. thinking about boobs.
✰15 September 2023: sunday's gonna be wild, got a museum visit and mass on that day. gotta deal with atlanta traffic. gonna get my brakes fixed tomorrow if i can.
✰14 September 2023: started reading discworld. got letter of rejection from a job. still applying to other jobs. sick of retail.


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[6 June] Cleaned up the Reaper shrine

[11 May] Opened up the Purple Cafe

[9 May] Added new audio to Vore Audio Archive

[26 April] New page: Library. Moved Essay page to library.

[25 April] Updated index, home, about, sitemap, and graphics pages. Working on updating the HTML. Added new art to Vari and Aodhan's gallery.

[5 April] Created the HUNGER ARTISTS webclique. Updated the Graphics page. Changed site theme to be dark mode with white text bc it hurts my eyes.

[17 March] Updating the site's font to Tahoma and finally fixing the CSS mess. Added to Adult Artist Webring.

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[30 December] Just having some fun with it and updating pages to look more interesting.

[23 December] Got a Reaper shrine up and going! Will be updating it occasionally :3

[18 September] Finished the Caretaker shrine!

[13 September] Added a very cool skeleton to the Playlist page. I like skeletons c:

[12 September] More graphics :D Also made a Thoughts archive, and Huck's gallery!

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[3 September] Made the TF2 shrine!

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[29 August] Finished the about, graphics, dreams, music, characters, shrine hub, and jjba shrine pages!

[28 August] Made the site! Working on the to-do list!


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