visions whilst eepy

JANUARY 17: the world was going to end. like, END end. solar flare, probably. i don't remember exactly what happened. i was living at one of our old homes with my parents and family. we were preparing for the end of days. we kept asking each other to grab things for our inevitable demise. the sun was rising. it was beautiful.
took a nap, had dream: kept getting messages from hackers. mom and dad sent letters to return, saying not to worry and that they were destroying their efforts.

JANUARY 19: helped a kappa in our home who needed his back shaven of plaque. the only thing that would help him was a blade so sharp it would kill gods. his back was full of other sharp things that attempted to cut the plaque away, but mine cut through like butter. he asked, "what is vibrance?" and i answered in a way that satisfied him: "the way thing shine when the sun is covered up." he asked my name and i gave him my deadname.
later, there was a series of cursed items. "item five, a bowl that burnt the tongues of the girl's loves who drank it, but it left the last drop as poison for her own." "item two, willie's shed, will be read to you in full regardless of how much you beg it to stop." said shed had one of those locking fridge doors. one guy went in. he said "i don't see anything" only to begin screaming and beating the door off the hinges. i turned away and didn't see what he looked like after, but i remember him from an earlier dream - his harrowed face and tortured eyes. i don't think he ever blinked.

JANUARY 22: cursed doll of cotl's lamb. "as long as the lamb is in a certain radius, the library is completely exposed." if alone with it, it whispers to you and keeps looking at you.
took a nap, had a dream: chased by the grim reaper in one of those shitty "pursued by an enemy" horror games. it was really funny bc i know it was supposed to be scary but was so poorly animated it was funny.

JANUARY 31: dealership called about receiving a map. i had to go to them and deal with it. dad said "they don't do that anymore unless they're racist." also my roommate ate my bedsheets?

FEBRUARY 2: two souls were stuck in a computer, bound to songs. their bodies were made of radiation. a lab tried to get them out by combining elements. one of the scientists used uranium and radium. their body collapsed, "and what was left, was best measured in gallons."

FEBRUARY 6: a music video set to a song by porter robinson. "J" couldn't do anything right, and kept making mistakes night after night, so he began preparations to put himself under a spell to sleep for 80,000 years. the only thing that kept him from going through with it was his memories of "O". later, i was trying to set a table and couldn't do it without clinking glass together, and my parents kept scolding me for that. eventually, i screamed at them, "why can't i do anything right? jesus christ!" and woke up as the music video began to play on the tv.

FEBRUARY 8: chased through my grandmother's old house by six mascots in costume. locked the doors and stayed low; was communicating with a british friend on the outside to make them leave.

FEBRUARY 20, RESET ALTAR: helping palestinian refugees. the iof hung a man's dismembered body from a pipe to intimidate the people. dad and a few others cut it down and wrapped him in a shroud to honor him.

FEBRUARY 21: red tailed deer woman refused to leave her screeded in, open air apartment. it took her lesbian girlfriend to coax her out.

FEBRUARY 23: skydiving! "i never thought i'd see the face of god." (said while looking at the endless sky as i fell)

FEBRUARY 24: dreams are viewable on youtube. recommended dream was a video by sasha which was the commentary section in four colors, each of which was spammed with "free way to heaven jump down the stairs". a hate campaign, obviously.
took a nap, had a dream: outside "sweet lotus house", a clubhouse in a park, hanging out with family. felt disconnected from them in the corporate sense.

FEBRUARY 25: had four dreams, forgot three. a group of warriors left their weapons lodged inside lucifer from hazbin after a battle. charlie was KIA. checked tumblr, saw that someone was writing nsfw natm and using the eata tag.

FEBRUARY 27: parked at a gas station to grab a drink. inside was a maze of an education center and nursing home. i was worried about getting back to the car before it got towed. did eventually get there, it was moved into a space by a palestinian man and an afghani man. i thanked them profusely for moving my car.

MARCH 1: an obscure natm anime was found, naito-myujiamu chronicle. it was animated in a semi-realistic style a la jojo's but it had that natm flair. i didn't get to see an episode but there were at least 7 seasons.

MARCH 4: first dream forgotten. second dream in a bunkhouse, saw a series of clocks for natm online. wanted them Very Bad. one of them had jed and octavius running around a small planet! third dream was in a field with dad and sibling. taking photos of cosplayers at a jojo's panel. dad was piggybacking someone and he fell and broke his toe. he was screaming so much and sibling would not help him. i kept telling him to go help and they would not move.

MARCH 5: a top 10 style video about the many sins disney had committed, like all the real racial and ethnic groups they'd misrepresented, lead-filled glass sets, and covering up deaths and murders.
took a nap, had a dream: a news broadcast about a schoolteacher helping students in her karate class. she would turn invisible and help them dress.

MARCH 7: fmv video game. prepping to take kids to a campground. one of the groundskeepers said "he" was coming and stole my car. i reloaded a save and continued on.
took a nap, had a dream: mostly forgotten, was drawn in the style of ancient egypt.

MARCH 8: watching a documentary about how hornets and some moth species lived mutualistically.

MARCH 12: siblings having a sleepover. it was 3am-ish. 5 guests, all black boys. dad comes in and says "you need to go to bed. and you, get out. go home. you broke into my house, get the fuck out." he was really pissed. mom made him stop when she said "stop yelling at them and get in here so we can have sex". silence for a good 15 seconds. he tries to resume the yelling, but i laugh. the kids leave and i lock myself in the bathroom.


AUGUST 25: closing shift at work. customer wouldn't leave, kept making advances to myself and a coworker. eventually asked her to marry him. she accepted??? and he followed us outside. i literally got atop my car and yelled at him "i don't trust you". coworker said to me, "if i die from this..."

symbol seen at the end: male character as snake swallowing female characters (also snakes) before converging on coworker (as snake). ouroboros image.

AUGUST 26: searching for a rare book in my university's archives. got an opportunity to see it at a crafting event at the library. was not accurate to the uni's architecture, took place in a computer lab of sorts. was looking for a book called "queering gender". someone at the craft fair kept making puns abt the whole situation. woke up before book was given.

later that day i took a nap and dreamed of a pair of men raising a skeletal child.

AUGUST 28: cleaning up website code and adding buttons of my friends. c: had a nap later that day, don't remember much aside from seeing a ship's steering wheel several times.

AUGUST 31: discord and ao3 hack targeting my fandoms. tons of spam and racism, caught quickly but it all happened while i was asleep so i cleaned up mine relatively late.

SEPTEMBER 5: listening to music on my laptop while programming a site from scratch. for some reason i picked an image of my uni's faculty parking lot as a background...?

SEPTEMBER 7: at work. coworker broke both feet and wrists, revealed he lied to get out of a math test. inexplicable feeling of dread regarding a paper i had written.

SEPTEMBER 9: was watching an a24 movie with family and guests in a home theater. literally - an entire theater in our home with seats. the film took place during the spanish inquisition. two women were being crucified upside down in a well, nailed to the wall. as they drowned, they talked about what was coming next (movie magic + dream logic). one died mid-sentence, and her soul ascended to heaven, leaving the other alone (saint maud ending scene filter + lighting). upon the second's death, they reunited, revealing they were the two angels of metal, one being yin and one being yang. lesbian lovers as well. based. the end of the movie showed their reincarnations, as two lesbian lovers in the punk scene. they spoke directly to the audience, and the film ended. as the guests left, my dad gave me a tiny fruit that he said would taste better when warmed up, so he told me to stick it behind my ear. woke up shortly after.

SEPTEMBER 23: setting: the House. new floor. after clearing one floor of its monsters, i earn a tazer. the floor was really run down and decrepit. i find an irl friend and head downstairs. the next floor is a standard house, almost like a basement. the monster here is a person in a sasquatch suit. i tase the shit out of him and he tells me to stop before i woke up.

OCTOBER 1: @ a con in a warehouse. opening ceremony was a game of some sort. hot as fuck in the warehouse, had to take my shirt off. was able to fly, used flying ability to check vents. after game was over, con staff approached me and revoked my ticket for nudity.

OCTOBER 2: @ work. a woman came in, crying. she was wearing a pink tube dress. coworker asked if she was being trafficked. she said "yes, help me, please". i woke up after.

OCTOBER 7: viral tiktok video. someone was raising rottweiler pups in a whelping box with gators/crocs. mother gator did not recognize the pups as her own, crushed one of the pups's heads in her jaws.

OCTOBER 11: leaving a house i'd been staying in. the cat kept trying to eat my sandwich as i was leaving.

OCTOBER 25: vomiting, substance was soft and flaky, like chewed saltines, but completely dry.

DECEMBER 8: fading in and out of reality. ended up in "blumthal park". helping someone find his friend, ended up being chased by some people before i woke up.

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