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Marriage Certificate Generator

Made by the person who runs the self-insert webring. A little generator for you to create a marriage certificate for fictional characters.


A collective of graphic designers releasing open source fonts. They explicitly say you can use them personally and commercially. I use some of these in my zines and other typographical projects.

The FTM's Complete Illustrated Guide to Looking Like a (Hot) Dude

A site created by a webmaster named Gabriel. Updated from 2007 to 2015. Contains an excellent fashion guide for transgender men and a bunch of diary entries about Gabriel's journey of self-actualization. He does use slurs to refer to himself, so if you're not about that life, fair warning.

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Armory Rasa

Gabriel's armorworking shop. I thought for a long time that Gabriel's site would go offline eventually; but it turns out it's just a part of his larger web presence. I want to commission him for custom Octavius armor someday.

Ojo's Phobias Page

A big page listing a bunch of phobias, compiled by the webmaster Ojo, aka Phillip Miller Eberz. Now you can know what kind of phobia is which! Like the fear of stars (siderophobia)!

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Badass Cross Stitch

I love to cross stitch when I get bit by the crafting bug. This site has a list of free patterns, and some not free patterns. They're all lefty stuff and they're pretty as hell. I'll make a few and post them someday.

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Wonder of Wonder Art

A site by daniwell, the creator of the Nyan Cat song, to promote their song Wonder of Wonder ft Hatsune Miku. This little site lets you draw a texture for a 3D model that dances to the music. daniwell did the art as well!

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The Worst Things for Sale

A blog that catalogues the weirdest and worst things for sale on Amazon. Some of them were so bad that this blog is the only proof they ever existed. Scroll through to see the weird and wild. If you find Grant Macdonald's Fuck Songs, tell 'em HOM sent ya. Or don't. I'm not your daddy.

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The Five Universal Laws of Human Stupidity

An excellent article for when I feel like the only person with a conscience or a gram of sense. Defines stupidity in a way that makes sense academically, rather than "you know it when you see it."

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List of potentially habitable exoplanets

A Wikipedia article with exoplanets that could hopefully host life. I look at it with longing sometimes and hope that I can live in a little dome on Teegarden C.

King Key Finds

A kink art aggregate site by Zach Sano, the author of SMILE PARALLAX and a bunch of other seminal mpreg works. This is sort of like danbooru, but the site will not let you upload anything if you don't have the source. So, better danbooru. Fair warning, it is in the EARLIEST access possible. Sometimes the site straight-up breaks beyond capability. But this project is a great idea, especially in this post-Somerton world.

Difference Between

Learn the differences between stuff, like "lotion vs serum", or "civil and criminal law".

Calming Manatee

Explore the gallery of kind, supportive sea cows.

The Thoughts Room

An homage to the original by The Quiet Place Project, which is now offline. Type your thoughts, no matter how angry, and watch them fade away into the stars.


Type in any location in the world and look at the stars from there.

Sleepopolis Sleep Calculator

Need to wake up for your flight, or reset your rhythm for the new semester? This calculator can help you decide when to sleep.


An art project where people send their secrets via postcard for anonymity. Scroll through the art made with these secrets, some petty, others sad, still others funny.

Scale of the Universe

Created by Cary Huang, one of the minds behind BFDI. Scroll through the universe, on scales big and small. The closest thing to a total perspective vortex I've found.

Joshua Byrd's Stumble Archive

A bunch of little web projects. Some are comic archives, others are text art, still others are lists. My favorites are the Creepy Wikipedia Articles and the Observations on Lethality.

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360 Cities

A bunch of panoramas of cities all over the world.

Make Everything OK

For emergency use only.

Damon Burke's Safety Sign Generator

Make signs for your workplace. You can use them for real dangers, or silly ones. Like so: 1 2 3 4

Rainy Mood

Rain sounds, permanently looped.

Bernadette Mayer's List of Journal Ideas

A list created in 1978. Try some, if you're having trouble journaling.

OTP NSFW Prompts Generator

Generates writing prompts for smut writing.

The Site Wizard

Tutorials, generators, and webmastery 101.

Backpacker Design

Free fonts, free as heck! A big focus on Greek alphabets, but there's Cyrillic and Latin for us barbarians.


A bunch of cool CSS effects.


Coffee shop noises. Allegedly good for study?

This to That

A guide for gluing things to other things. A cosplayer's dream.


The four seasons in a slice of life, until Spring falls asleep and doesn't wake up.

The Rock Cocks

Suria and Steg are a punk band who love sex and hate being constrained by society. Follow their ascent to the rock hall of fame.


Angus is a himbo who gets ripped to pieces, literally, and sewn back together at his boss's whim. This is used mostly for sex and to be the gory showstopper to the best punk band in the world, PUSSYWHIP.

Customer Service Wolf

A wolf works in a bookstore. Retail ensues.


In the Old West, James Rook and his boss Asa Langley run from the law in a slow-burn romance. The fact that Rook is a centaur doesn't make it easy. Complete.

Down the Hatch

Noah has been cursed with regenerative immortality. Mort is a monster who wants the necklace he's wearing. Vore happens.


When you're bisexual and biracial, you deal with twice the bullshit. Complete.

A Cutlass and a Butterknife

All-female pirate romance. Shenanigans ensue. Complete.


A necromancer and an astronomer fall in love.

Ineffable Family aka Glow

A Good Omens fan comic. Crowley and Aziraphale start a family. Genuinely some of the sweetest mpreg content I've ever read. A personal favorite.

Man Time

A daily comic about three trans men. You might remember the "I paid $8000 to not wear a shirt" meme? That's this comic.


The best TRVE KVLT family you'll ever meet. Stan Hubbath.

21st Century Comic Man

Albums hang out together.

Behind You

A horror series about the things that are always right behind you.

Happy Roadkill

Political comics, trash birds, and gay possums. The good shit.


The daily life of a little shark.


a webcomic that has a name

"this description is inadequate"

oh no

hurts a little

Hashtag relateable comics.


Fantasy sex comedy. Build a labyrinth to house its hilarity. My favorites are Labyrinth, Sport, and Balcony.

Work Sucks

Furry comic with vaccuum vore and the daily grind. Complete.

Pink and Pepper Forever

Pinky and Pepper are girlfriends and artists. Things go downhill from there. A personal favorite.

Any Other Name

Bully kink leads to magic powers. Hijinks ensue. This one's got gore in it.

Scoob and Shag

Cartoon characters go on adventures. That's how much I can say without spoilers.

Color Mandala

Right what it says on the tin.


A project by Jonas Wagner. Click and drag to make a nebula!


Similar to Neonflames. Make a cool design.

This Is Sand

Throw sand around.


Make some lads beatbox, sing, and hum in an acapella group. There's a bunch of secret songs hidden in there if you combine the right lads.


A color matching game.

Mr. Doob

A bunch of little time-wasters and experiments. The spinning paint one is especially fun.

Manetas Pollock

Drag your mouse around to paint, click to change the color.

The Countries of the World

A Sporcle quiz.

𝆕 United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru...𝆕
Anna Anthropy

A game developer responsible for dys4ia and Queers in Love at the End of the World, two of my favorite games.

City Creator

Make a pixel art city.


Draw mandalas and other symmetrical works.


A bunch of simple vore games made by chemicalcrux. My favorite is Gorge, a clicker game where you eat reality.

academic sources
Rare Book Room

A bunch of PDFs of rare books.

The Fantastic in Art and Fiction

A project by Cornell University, documenting the strange and fantastical in art from the classical period to the 20th century, in areas from Mexico to Russia. Links to studies, books, and papers are abundant, as well as an image database. A real find regarding the macabre!

What Should I Read Next?

A search engine for books. Type in a title or ISBN and find something similar.

Useful Science

Links to interesting journals and research papers!

Classic Short Stories

PDFs of short stories written before 2007.

Online Library of Liberty

Read the original documents of laws, political papers, essays, and other such things, ranging from Hammurabi to the current administration.

WebGL Water

Water simulation, an excellent source for above and underwater light reference.

Plant Studio

Plant simulations. Good for botanical designs.

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