tummy noises to relax/digest to
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Inside the stomach-Vore POV kink-master-canine† 27 September 2015 Internal, Static, No VA ♥ [Tumblr] Another vore audio clip I made for fun. There’s a lot of burping so if you don’t like that stuff then don’t listen, otherwise enjoy.
Full and Sated jeschke 8 July 2014 External, Static, No VA ♥ [FurAffinity] [Burpless Alt]


Just a little bit of an experiment to see what a belly loop would be like if it was done from the outside, from the perspective of the pred that ate the meal. Aka, you listen to this, imagine yourself with a lap full of a squirming meal, occasionally thrashing about, for the most part just wiggling. And enjoy some belches, too. Of course, this probably works quite well if someone wants to imagine themselves chilling with a full predator and listening to their belly, too. Headphones recommended, as per the norm~
Come Relax With Me, Little One… tummycuddles 8 August 2017 Swallow, Moving, Skit, Custom VA [SoundCloud] [Tumblr] [Mirror] Hey all! Happy Vore Day! I’ve had an audio like this in mind for some time and the post @justanothergiant made recently lit a fire under me to try it as a special for Vore Day! You’ve come back home to your giant friend (yours truly) after a hard day and they’re more than willing to help you unwind! ^^ To all of you awesome peeps whom I’ve come to know in this place, thank you for another wonderful year of vore and G/t! Enjoy! ^^
Next In Line jeschke 16 July 2015 External, Static, Skit, Stock VA ♥ [FurAffinity] [Tumblr] Allllrighty. This is a non-moving POV commission for MaxFuchsKojote, I believe, with a pred that belongs to thenran as far as I know. I don't feel hugely up to writing out a full description of the stuff in there, unfortunately. x3 But long story short, you, the viewer, are hanging around at home, when your roommate/friend/what-have-you, a big muscled wolf, comes into the room with his gut heavy and sloshing from a heavy meal. You listen while he rubs and pats his gut, until he notices you watching on the other side of the room. After standing (and his pants popping open), he comes over to you, thus proceeds you having your ear mashed into his gut to listen to it working. And at the end, his gut growls. He's still hungry. And it looks like you are...........going to have to go make him some food. (Or you're Next In Line, gosh)
Don't Fish Out of Season HungryOnMain May 2021 Swallow, Moving, Skit, Custom VA [FurAffinity] [Mirror] [Gross Alt] An older audio I made for MerMay 2021. The breeding grounds are off-limits for a reason, you know. The levels are a bit off, as I made this before I really understood my program. Might wanna turn it down at the beginning.
Pretty as a Peach HungryOnMain 2022 Swallow, Static, Skit, Custom VA [FurAffinity] Made this audio a few months back.
No Hourglass This Time HungryOnMain 22 January 2023 Internal, Static, Skit, Custom VA [FurAffinity] I've been having some fun with Night at the Museum, and I've already written a bunch of fics about it. Two of 'em are vorny. They're up on my AO3, but I can post them here too, if anyone wants to see them. Anyway, here's an audio I made. Kahmunrah didn't have an hourglass to trap them in, so he had to get creative. Jedediah and Octavius have a very uncomfortable time.
A Soliloquy Before Swallowing HungryOnMain ??? Swallow, Moving, Skit, Custom VA [Mirror] I made this *shrugs* years ago in college. Probably pre-T, GOD my voice used to be so high pitched. Just teasing and fun. You can really tell I was an Audacity amateur at the time, lol.
Belly Rubs ... with a twist softumm† Unknown Internal, Static, Skit, Stock VA [Tumblr] Y’all are so nasty I love you Ok sooo I have NO idea if this is what you expected?? I honestly had no idea what to do with it jsdfhfdj
A snack worthy of a God softumm† Unknown Swallow, Moving, Skit, Stock VA [Tumblr] The distant sound of footsteps startles you awake, and leaves you frozen with fear. A pair of feet? In this area? At this time? That’s bad news… You don’t feel safe sleeping in your comfortable pile of leaves anymore. Perhaps it’s time to look for another place to sleep at. A safer place, where this… big thing can’t find you. But Kars’ sharp ears and eyes lead him to you right away… Unwilling, but soft micro/macro vore audio, starring Kars from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure~ (Plus extra noisy stomach because of @moriohchocafe‘s wonderful headcanon that the pillar men have very loud tummies dhhgfdsj)
Lucky Hunt Jeschke 22 January 2014 External, Moving, Skit, Stock VA, Custom VA ♥ [Tumblr]


First ever pred POV? Maybe? Also the first with Skyrim sounds for me. Also the first that I've definitely wanted to mark as mature because it's not pleasant. Did a few other new things too, so this is a bit of a leap in a few ways? My aim was to make a vore clip wherein an anthro someone (you) nabs and devours a prey. Almost thought I should make it where the viewer was a dragon....but enh, the thought came a little too late.
3 Hours Later.. Jeschke 3 June 2015 Internal, External, Static, Custom VA [Tumblr]


Well, I’ve started doing commissions on FA, this is the first audio one that’s come up! This one is a looping inside-stomach perspective commissioned by Ethicist, featuring mintmonkey’s belly. Main gist of it is that it’s been 3 hours (or around there) since you’ve been eaten, at this point you’ve been in the belly so long you have absolutely no strength left, and you’ve been slowly digesting the whole time so it’s very wet and goopy in there. And the picture in the thumbnail is taken from this pic by naughtyimp. Hope you enjoy! And there’s more of a description of your situation/the stomach environment after the cut-off, but I didn’t want to stick a huge description on here and clog up anybody’s feed.
Dissolve: A Vore Audio Generator chemicalcrux 19 September 2021 Internal, Static, No VA, ♥ [Website] Dissolve is a browser-based vore audio generator. You can turn specific kinds of sounds on and off, adjust things like frequency, volume, and pitch; and apply filters. The site is currently in early alpha, but it has enough stuff to generate some pretty nice sound. It should work on all modern platforms (chrome, new edge, firefox, safari on desktop and mobile) I am currently working on a system for saving and loading soundscapes (so that you can share them), as well as a way to add and remove individual sources and filters (rather than them being baked in from the start).
Squirrel Got Nuts belloclewis1 24 October 2020 Swallow, Moving, Skit, Custom VA [FurAffinity] How unlucky. You've been snatched up by Marcel, a very bullying squirrel boy! If you were lucky, he'd just smoosh your face with his butt a little and call you a loser. Too bad you aren't lucky. Cause Marcel could use some nut filling and you're just perfect for the job~ Hope you enjoy getting sucked up a squirrel demi's dick and doused back out into a condom cause that's what the next (and last) few minutes of your life are going to be~ A cock vore audio using my squirrel demi and very mean OC, Marcel. Contains lots of sex noises and squishes.
Stay Inside MonsterChow 23 March 2020 Internal, Static, No VA [FurAffinity]

[Audio Only]

Remember that the best thing for you (and everyone else) is to stay inside. Preferably somewhere warm and comfortable. I've got juuuust the right place in mind for you where you can stay as long as you need.
Sliding Inside Side MonsterChow 11 June 2020 Swallow, Moving, Skit, Custom VA [FurAffinity]
Sleepy Tummy HungryOnMain 28 April 2024 Static, Internal, Stock VA [Mirror]


Made this little audio doodle earlier this week. Ian's got you in him and is taking a nap. He keeps burping in his sleep, which is apparently something he can do. Guess it's only a matter of time until something happens, but you don't know which way it'll go for you... Intended to be able to loop infinitely, I think I got it right.
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