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Ian / HOM Gallery

26 y/o Pred Human OV, AV, CV, UB

Ian is the bartender and enforcer at The Bar. He cares deeply for the people he loves and works with, and is never afraid to chow down on bacon when the pigs come by. Has a lot of forms/alternate versions. Usually eats shitty customers and folks who ask nicely. Susceptible to March Moo-ness.

Myron Gallery

22 y/o Pred Human CV

Myron is a barista at The Cafe. He's on a diet of protein shakes and guys who hog the bench. Has a magic cock ring that changes his cum into coffee creamer! Ask him what flavor you want! Usually eats jocks and shitty customers. Susceptible to March Moo-ness.

Lance Gallery

25 y/o Pred Human OV, AV, CV

Lance is a server at The Bar. He's a huge bitch whose ass is padded with exes. Has a sexual partner ("Master"), who is never seen on camera. Who are they? They could even be YOU! Often seen eating phallic snacks of some sort, especially popsicles. Usually eats cute girls and Tinder dates. Immune to March Moo-ness.

Henry Gallery

24 y/o Pred Yeti OV

Henry is a line cook at The Bar. He's very, very shy, and has trouble speaking English, but he tries. Just don't insult his cooking, unless you want to end up as yeti pudge. Usually eats lost mountaineers and customers that try to get free food. Immune to March Moo-ness.

Vari and Aodhán Gallery

24 y/o Pred Glass Jar OV

Vari (short for Avaricious) is a full-time streamer and internet celebrity. He emerged from his mom's kiln fully formed and part of the twitch partner program. He doesn't really NEED to eat, but he does sometimes let Aodhán in for safekeeping. Immune to March Moo-ness.

27 y/o Prey Firefly Unwilling

Aodhán is a host at The Bar. He's perpetually grumpy in some way, but he's nice enough. Eat him if you dare - fireflies are poisonous. Moonlights as an on-call leather daddy. Immune to March Moo-ness.

Huck Gallery

21 y/o Pred Cape Sundew OV, BMV

Huck (short for Huckleberry) is the pest control for the Pred House. The last owner bought a plant to deal with the flies and Huck sprouted from it. We still don't know where the last owner went... but the house doesn't have any termites! Usually eats bugs, especially Aodhán, but isn't opposed to solicitors. Susceptible to March Moo-ness.

Fizz Gallery

23 y/o Prey Soda Slime Willing

Fizz is the drive-thru server at The Cafe. His flavor and hairstyle changes every time he regenerates, but his straw and chubby body always stay the same. If he goes uneaten for too long, he loses his carbonation. As a slime, he can morph and change shape at will; but likes a human-ish form, because thumbs are convenient. Susceptible to March Moo-ness.

Rosco Gallery

??? y/o Prey Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Willing

Rosco was found growing in the basement. We really have no idea how long he's been in the house, or even how old he is. He's usually too high to give a proper answer, but when he sobers up he's a nice enough guy. It's not like he wants to be high all the time, but he doesn't control his spores. If you eat him, you may hallucinate - consume with caution! Immune to March Moo-ness.


a different universe from the above, the temple is a world of infinite pleasure and transformation.

The Temple's gallery on itaku


??? y/o Pred God OV, CV, AV, UB, NV, ABSORB

The God of Strange and Otherworldly Pleasures. The one who brought the lemon tree forth from the underworld. The bringer of the spider lily. Has a temple where acolytes can come worship and give offerings. Finds pleasure in every situation.


52 y/o Prey Human Willing

Dianthus is a disciple of Homithos that wants to understand the angelic process. Discovered her prey tendencies late in her life, but is now obsessed with the process of consumption, digestion, and resurrection.

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